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SloanLED Significantly Expands Lighting Systems Portfolio

Product portfolio more than triples.

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SloanLED, leaders in light technology for over 60 years, today announces the launch of 16 new outdoor and indoor lighting systems product families. The expansion in the product portfolio was strategically driven by market demands where customers saw an opportunity for SloanLED to bring the quality they are known for to a larger range of products and applications. The rapid expansion in the portfolio was fueled by the acquisition of Litecorr earlier this year.

The comprehensive expansion of the SloanLED Lighting Systems product offering enhances SloanLED’s value proposition in the commercial and industrial lighting markets while expanding their value to brand owners. Historically, brand owners have been forced to work with many suppliers to procure lighting solutions for their retail spaces and often have different partners for signage and store lighting. The expanded product portfolio enables SloanLED to be the source for everything lighting and makes it possible for specifiers to manage a broad assortment of products with one manufacturer that is committed to taking care of its customers.

“SloanLED’s legacy is best known as a trusted solution provider in the signage industry,” said Tom Beyer, SloanLED President & CEO. “Our goal is to bring the same proven design and quality to lighting solutions allowing our partners to utilize our products in even more applications as a competitive advantage. We see growth opportunity in commercial and industrial lighting from shopping malls to petroleum and c-stores.”

The new products are on display at LightShow West in Las Vegas on October 17-18 at booth 619. Learn more about the new products online:

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