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Russia: Rosneft targets coffee segment for growth

Russian fuel retailer will earn around 4 billion rubble (USD 61mn) through the sale of coffee at its gas stations in 2018.

Last update:

A new report by leading forecourt operator Rosneft expects to earn 4 billion rubble in 2018 with the sale of coffee, amounting to 1% of revenues from the total retail segment, reports RBC.

Coffee has become a new focus for the energy company as it targets an increased share of the profit for the popular drink. To that end, Rosneft is opening and developing coffee services across its whole network, said Avril Conroy, VP for Retail and Domestic Market. They plan to sell 45 million cups of coffee a year.

“We are planning to install cafe in almost our entire retail network. This is not an easy task, because Rosneft owns the largest network of gas stations in the country - about 3.000 gas station,” she added.

The second largest oil company, Gazprom Neft, plans to sell 29 million cups of coffee across its network of some 1,200 sites, receiving more than 3 billion rubbles in revenue.

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