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Christ does it again – from sheer car washing fun and frivolity!

Finally, the top models from Christ are washing again at high pressure, in the new HOT CAR WASH Calendar 2019. Christ produces calendar shoot and video clips – by Mark Goldberg.

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With the Automechanika came a limited run of the “most wanted” calendar, fresh off the press. The motto for this calendar fits with the slogan “More than CAR WASH”. Be it a foam party, brush wash, BUBBLEGUN or paintwork polish - the top models from Christ are back with fun, frivolity and a high pressure blast in the car wash.

Otto Christ AG - with its motto “More than CAR WASH” - is not adverse to going somewhat on the offensive, and the company has demonstrated its creativity and openness to ideas across the sphere of car washing; for example with viral marketing and controversial ads. And that is why the car wash pros thought the calendar required a boost this time, in the form of short video clips. So without further ado, a number of episodes on the theme of car care and washing products were created together with the calendar shoot. Christ is making the films available to its customers exclusively for their ads via its own YouTube channel.

What started as a gift for business customers in 2005 has become something of a cult object. The Hot Car Wash Calendar, which is released every 2 years, has long been a highly popular collector’s item. It is not available to purchase, but is only gifted to friends of the company and Christ customers. The limited edition run stands at 5,500 calendars.

The calendar was photographed and filmed together with the Car Care short clips by top photographer Mark Goldberg:

Goldberg’s photographs cover a broad spectrum, ranging from editorial, fashion, stills, ad campaigns and calendars, as well as nudes and much more besides.

Goldberg has produced images for example for glossy magazines, such as GQ, FHM, Playboy, Penthouse, Stern, etc.

>> Watch the Making of the more than HOT CAR WASH Calendar 2019!

Another shining innovation from Christ!

More than a CAR WASH!

Have fun at the car wash!

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