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Dover Fueling Solutions Reduces Queues on Forecourts

Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”), a Dover company that delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, fleet systems, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management is using its FairbanksTM Station Manager web portal to revolutionise the fuel management process for retailers.

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The power of the Fairbanks Station Manager 365 comes from centralising and interpreting data from many sources, giving a comprehensive insight into many aspects of fuel management. Using intelligent software and data collection techniques, the Fairbanks product is able to alert site operators to potential issues on the forecourt, as well as assist with reconciliation – something that has historically been difficult to manage effectively.

Recent advancements in technology have seen a rise in customer expectations within the fuel industry – they want instant access to information presented in an uncomplicated manner in order to make fast, informed decisions which optimize the operation of their site or network. In addition to this, fuel retailers now demand more insight into consumer behaviour, pump activity, competitor pricing, margin management and historic sales trends.

Fairbanks Station Manager 365 is a tried and tested solution to the problems faced by the modern fuel industry. Once logged onto the portal, users are able to check stock levels and reconciliation data, review and action active alarms, and respond to instances of sudden loss. Furthermore, they can manage their margins, check competitor pricing and manage their sales targets.

By immediately alerting users to issues, retailers are able to swiftly investigate and resolve a wide range of problems that in the past would have required them to be on-site. Forecourt service providers can take advantage of Station Manager 365’s ability to identify potential problems, such as slow nozzle flow rates, ensuring that they can carry out the necessary, preventative maintenance before it becomes an issue. Early indication that a filter needs replacing or cleaning, for example, will help to minimise dispenser downtime, drive fuel sales and improve the customer experience.

One of the most positive features of the portal, as reviewed by Dover Fueling Solutions’ many customers, is the ability to view stock levels not only in real time, but in days remaining instead of litres. This intelligent processing of data takes away the second-guessing; the system works on careful historical data and trend analysis to accurately predict the length of time retailers have to respond to low stock warnings.

Technology is integral to 21st century living, and the fueling industry has been calling for a wetstock product that embraces it. Station Manager 365 is DFS’ answer, delivering a streamlined, independently managed fuel monitoring system for fuel retailers, whatever their network size.


Dover Fueling Solutions (“DFS”), part of Dover Corporation, is comprised of the product brands of ClearView, Fairbanks, ProGauge, Tokheim, Wayne Fueling Systems and OPW’s Fuel Management Systems, and delivers advanced fuel dispensing equipment, electronic systems and payment, automatic tank gauging and wetstock management solutions to customers worldwide.  Headquartered in Austin, Texas, DFS has a significant manufacturing presence around the world, including facilities in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, France, India, China, and Brazil.

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