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English Español New ‘multi-energy’ network of service stations to open in Spain

European energy provider Andamur has partnered with Molgas to add CNG and LNG services to its Spanish sites.

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Andamur has signed an agreement with Molgas to build and operate a network of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) stations in strategic locations. The company will serve both fleets of trucks and light vehicles, thus offering 'multi-energy' refuelling stations, according to a press release. 

From 2019, the services stations located in La Junquera (Gerona), Guarromán (Jaén), Pamplona (Navarra) and San Román (Vitoria) will add LNG and CNG to their existing gasoline and diesel services. Andamur stations more than 500,000 trucks every day. The companies operating these truc fleets will now have the possibility of including NGVs.

With this operation, the company aims to anticipate market trends and position itself as a leader in the natural gas segment.  

"We work to meet the needs that our customers have at all times, and today the use of new fuels such as gas is a reality that is gaining importance in the fleets of companies," says Miguel Angel Lopez, CEO of Andamur.

Molgas, a leading company in the gas market, will be the partner of Andamur in the new project. "Their deep knowledge in this field together with our experience in the management of service areas and services to transporters, we consider that they form the perfect combination for success," explains Miguel Angel.

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