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PTT plans $1.3 billion investment to make Cafe Amazon a global brand

Thailand’s leading oil company, PTT, is planning a $1.3 billion investment to make its coffee shop concept a leading global brand in the coffee segment.

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After becoming the undisputed leader of the gas station business in Thailand and having developed strong networks in other South East Asian markets, PTT plans to turn its coffee concept franchise, Cafe Amazon, into a global brand that will rival the likes of Starbucks and Costa, reports Nikkei Asian Review.

Initial plans for the global expansion will see 20,000 Cafe Amazon locations open around the world, according to Jiraporn Khaosawas, chief executive of PTT Oil and Retail.

"We aim to build the Cafe Amazon into a top-10 global brand over the next five years," explained Khaosawas.

With PTT Oil and Retail expected to be floated early next year, the Thai company has plans to not only expand Cafe Amazon, but also increase its petrol station and lube oil retail business.

There are currently around 2,300 branches of Cafe Amazon in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Japan. PTT has targeted the Middle East and China as two key markets to enter.

This week, PTT Philippines, the local unit of the Thai oil company, opened its 145th station in the Philippines.  

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John Hendricks Emerald Fire Trading 216cc

I would like to get the license concept and the right of Amazon SA and the PPT Service Station concept

John Hendricks Emerald Fire 216cc

I hope to get some more information from the Thai PTT oil and Amazon Coffee Private Company on how to Conclude to take the concept over to SA. Furthermore we need to know the cost of the SA Franchise and the Support we can get on a 50/50 Thai SA split on profits. I have a Property next to the N7 Highway Cape Namibia Route in the Western Cape. The Property location is approximately 50 Kilometers from Cape Town. I am currently in Thailand City Roi Et. Please keep me posted on the above Kind Regards, John Hendricks and Lamyai Malakhan Uttha.