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CAPPO - Czech Association of Petroleum Industry and Trade

Czech Republic

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ČAPPO brings together companies operating in the petroleum industry in the Czech Republic. It pursues no political or ideological goals but the ethical and fair market behavior. It is not a business entity.

In the pursuit of our interests, we have never used unethical means, false information, or even some kind of extortion, which, unfortunately, some clusters and individuals are still trying to do. We have always used technically and economically sound arguments, and in particular, we have tried to prove that the adoption of our proposals is in the interests of not only our member companies, but also other entities and, in many cases, the entire state.

Of course, this ethical, and difficult, way in our administrative and political environment is not always fully successful. We are aware of this, but our way of acting and behaving is a lasting value and a principle for us.


  • legislative bodies and state bodies of the Czech Republic
  • Association of Automotive Industry of the Czech Republic
  • non-governmental organization of the Czech Republic
  • universities, research and development organizations of the Czech Republic
  • bodies and the EU working committee
  • The European standardization body CEN
  • Statistical Office of the European Communities (EUROSTAT)
  • EUROPIA Association
  • The CONCAWE organization


  • observance of Czech legislation compliance with general ethical principles,
  • the principles of environmentally friendly access,
  • provision of services at European level,
  • fair competition and entrepreneurship.