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CGA - Croatian Gas Association


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Croatian Gas Association was founded in 1993 in Zagreb, with the aim of encouraging the development of gas industry from a technical and scientific point of view, safety and environmental protection, raising awareness and education, exchange of experiences and information of interest to the gas industry as a whole, to the association or to the individual members. Croatian Association operates on the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. Association deals with the improvement of various disciplines of the gas profession through various forms:

  • research and production of natural gas and other fuel gases
  • supply, delivery and consumption of gas
  • techniques and technology in the transport and storage of gas
  • techniques and technology in the distribution and delivery of gas
  • energy and non-energy applications of gas
  • rational consumption and savings
  • regulations and rules of the profession
  • manufacturing of equipment in the Republic of Croatia
  • applied work safety and environmental protection including safety techniques
  • designing and carrying out gas facilities, devices and installations
  • economic and business issues
  • education of professionals for the gas business and energy industry
  • certification of head and operational personnel, based on experiences and practice in the EU
  • participation in the drafting of study materials and energy strategy for the Republic of Croatia
  • other topics important for the profession, members and the company

The Association acts in the area of economics according to its goals. The Association’s activities are the establishment and introduction of practices of generally-accepted rules of the profession, the drafting and promotion of technical regulations, compliance with EU regulations as well as special attention given to the safe use of gas. A particularly important area of work is organizing the drafting of various rules, guidelines, brochures, work-related instructions, manuals, certificates and other technical documents, necessary for the modern gas business.

Based on prescribed conditions, the Association issues powers to legal and natural persons for the undertaking of professional jobs in the gas industry, verification of worker knowledge and competencies including the issuing of appropriate certification which are valid for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, and in accordance with the laws. For the purpose of international affirmation, the Association is a member of the International Gas Union, a world non-profit organization registered in Vevey in Switzerland, which gathers more than 150 members from 90 countries around the world. The publishing of the professional journal GAS and organization of professional gatherings allows the Association to publish the latest achievements in the global gas industry to members and the professional public.

The Croatian Gas Association has established a company called the Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. (CGC), a company for consulting and services.


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