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UNP - Croatian LPG Association


Last update:

The Croatian LPG Association is a member of the World LPG Association since January 2005. It also takes part in the Croatian National Center for Consumer Information and Education and The Croatian Professional Gas Association.

The activities of the Croatian LPG Association are:

  • improvement of the national technical legislation
  • geting and maintaining the communication with construction bureaus and other institutions in order to promote the introduction of LPG into the new buildings, particularly in tourism (environment protection), production and processing plants (economic benefits), and small family business
  • developing its relations with AEGPL and WLPGA
  • starting a programme for an expert training through a certified programme approved by the Ministry of education, to train the LPG experts (mechanics, assemblers, promoters etc.)
  • organizing an international congress

Activities in the region:

  • technical and intellectual help in establishing LPG associations on the neighboring markets (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia & Montenegro, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Albania etc.)
  • building a regional network of LPG associations.


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