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CWAS - Car Wash Advisory Service

United Kingdom

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The Car Wash Advisory Service (CWAS) (previously known as the Car Wash Association) was originally formed in 2007 to promote best practice within the car wash industry.

We are now in our third stage of growth; the Car Wash Advisory Service has evolved from it's predecessors; the Car Wash Campaign Group and the Car Wash Association.

Initially, the original Car Wash Association's members came from manufacturers of vehicle washing equipment, oil companies and forecourt retailers, but in recent years some high quality hand wash operators have joined the Association and today CWAS takes a very balanced view towards the industry.

The Car Wash Advisory Service sets high standards for quality and safety, and encourages its registered sites to act fairly and responsibly at all times. In doing so the Car Wash Advisory Service believes that these common goals are in the interests of the industry, the consumer and the environment. Regardless of how sites registered with us wash vehicles, we expect them to be compliant with best business practices and this means that they operate their businesses legally and responsibly, with employees who are entitled to work in the UK and are paid a fair wage, they pay their taxes, adhere to local planning regulations and they dispose of their waste in an environmentally sensitive manner. These qualities are embodied by the Car Wash Advisory Service's standard of best practice, the 'WashMark' which is shown on this page.

If you are looking for somewhere that is safe to wash your car, look for the WashMark; it shows that they care about you and the environment.