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USSC - United States Sign Council Foundation

United States

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Since its founding in 1998, the United States Sign Council Foundation (USSC Foundation) has been the industry leader in performing on-premise sign research. This dedication has resulted in over (20) university-level scientific studies on the design characteristics of on premise signs and traffic safety. In addition, the USSC Foundation provides both educational resources and legal analysis on zoning matters for the sign industry.

In 2017, the former United States Sign Council (USSC) ceased operations and merged into the USSC Foundation.

The USSC Foundation has published technical and research manuals as well as national guideline standards for on-premise signs, available in both printed and electronic form. Because the sign industry is subject to governmental land-use regulation, the USSC Foundation is also an active participant in issues involving sign legislation, zoning, and land-use planning.

USSC Foundation also produces a trade show and industry conference, The Sign Exchange, held annually in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in late November/early December. The Sign Exchange is a first-of-its-kind convention that directly benefits both exhibitors, through reasonable booth fees and profit sharing on a per booth basis, and sign industry research by creating funds for future USSC Foundation studies.