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FRA - Fuel Retailers Association

South Africa

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The Fuel Retailer Association Of Southern Africa (FRA) is a registered employers organization under the provisions of the Labour Relations Act, 66 of 1995.

The FRA, is a financially independent and fully autonomous association that ensures the survival and success for all its members who are Fuel Service Station Owners in the retailing of fuel in South Africa.

The Association monitors and becomes involved wherever necessary with all aspects of retail fuel governance, distribution and sales in South Africa in order to protect and enhance Fuel Retailer’s Interest. The Association’s Income base is through membership fees.

Our vision

To create a robust, sustainable environment that provides a reasonable return on investment for all efficient Fuel Retailers.

The primary objective of the FRA is to promote and protect the best interests of Fuels Retailers and its members in particular.

Our mission

To engage with all stakeholders to facilitate and promote open and transparent communications to ensure the industry is prepared for 2010 and beyond.


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