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BRAFCO - Belgian Federation of Fuel Dealers


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The Belgian Federation of Fuels Dealers, called BRAFCO, is a recognized representative trade association that has been working since 1946 to defend the interests of companies active in the trade and distribution of fuels, lubricants and related products.

The members of the Federation are active in the trade, distribution, transport and / or storage of:

  • liquid fuels (fuel oil, extra gas oil, kerosene, kerosene, heavy fuel oil, etc.)
  • fuels (gasoline, diesel, LPG, biofuels, ...)
  • fuels for navigation (marine fuels for inland and maritime navigation)
  • solid fuels (pellets, firewood, coal, lignite, cokes, ...)
  • gaseous fuels (propane, butane, ...)
  • lubricants and greases (motor oils, industrial oils, ...).

With a market share of more than 90%, BRAFCO represents the most operators in the sector. It includes both independent entrepreneurs and family-owned small businesses and large companies. It also represents around one third of the service stations located in Belgium.

The image of the sector is very important for the Federation. Therefore, the member operators must respect the Code of Ethics and the Quality Charter. As a recognized training institution, having obtained the Qfor quality certificate, the Federation aims at further professionalisation of the sector.


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