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APGA - American Public Gas Association

United States

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APGA is the only not-for-profit trade organization representing America's publicly owned natural gas local distribution companies (LDCs). APGA represents the interests of public gas before Congress, federal agencies and other energy-related stakeholders by developing regulatory and legislative policies that further the goals of our members. In addition, APGA organizes meetings, seminars, and workshops with a specific goal to improve the reliability, operational efficiency, and regulatory environment in which public gas systems operate.

Through APGA, public gas systems work together to stay reliably informed about new developments in safety, public policy, operations, technology, and the marketplace that could affect the communities and consumers they serve.


To be an advocate for municipally owned natural gas distribution systems, and educate and communicate APGA members to promote safety, awareness, performance and competitiveness.


To be the Voice and Choice of Public Gas.

APGA Strategic Themes

APGA has four strategic themes: 

  • Communication
  • Membership
  • Advocacy
  • Education

Membership Benefits

APGA provides our members with the most current industry information and educational opportunities to improve their bottom lines and help their businesses thrive. An APGA membership provides your system access to insider information and expert opinions on the natural gas industry.