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POPiHN - Polish Oil Industry and Trade Organisation


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The Polish Oil Industry and Trade Organisation (POPiHN) was established in 1995 to bring together the largest Polish companies in the production and distribution of liquid fuels, fuel infrastructure and the production and distribution of lubricating oils. Its basic task is to create a platform for cooperation between fuel corporations operating on the Polish market.

The Polish Oil Industry and Trade Organisation is a union representing the interests of oil member companies operating on the Polish market, it is open to all companies from the oil sector that accept its objectives and statute, regardless of the origin of the founding capital.

One of the key tasks of POPiHN is the development of a competitive fuel market in Poland, for example through activities aimed at introducing principles of business activity and equal rights for all participants of the Polish fuel market in accordance with the EU law. POPiHN also focuses on coordinating cooperation between member companies striving for the highest quality of products and services, aiming to create a positive image of companies operating in the oil sector among the Polish public. Its interests also include all initiatives aimed at reducing the gray fuel zone in Poland.