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PETDER - Turkish Oil Industry Association


Last update:

Turkish Oil Industry Association, PETDER, was established on September 1996 through a consortium of leading fuel distribution companies actively participating in the Turkish Oil Market with the aim of forming a non-governmental organization supporting a spectrum of business activities in the downstream oil industry.

Currently, PETDER holds 15 member companies which regularly meet to participate in PETDER’s Committee Meetings to discuss issues ranging from Laws to logistics. Present PETDER members include Alpet, Aytemiz, Belgin, BP, Gulf, ExxonMobil, Opet, Petline, Petroyağ, Petrol Ofisi, Shell, Shell & Turcas, Total and Turkuaz.

PETDER, at the epicenter of the oil sector, commits itself to
» Representing the industry in every aspect possible,
» Mitigating solution scenarios to the sector’s problems,
» Forming a network between the private and public sector as well as the media,
» Enforcing highest HSE standards and nurturing a social responsibility conscience within the industry.

PETDER’s main work areas involve

» The provision of the sale and economic supply of gasoline, LPG and lubricants oils,
» Maintenance of transparent, fair and stable industrial environment,
» Prevention of unfair competition,
» Preservation of consumer and human rights,
» Amelioration of industrial standards within the sector.

Studies and developments are periodically published in detail by sector reports and monthly bulletins.

PETDER is in collaboration with “FuelsEurope” that represents the Europian oil sector.