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APEA - Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration

United Kingdom

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APEA is a UK based organisation, drawing membership from all quarters of the petroleum industry, including Regulators from National and Local Government Authorities, Oil Companies, Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers, Service and Installation Organisations, Training Establishments and many others. It is seen to be unique in representing all sides of the industry and in providing a forum for debate and the generation of technical guidance.

The aims and objectives of the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration have remained unchanged since the foundation of the organisation in 1958, principally these are:

  • The advancement of scientific, technical and legal knowledge required in the administration of the Petroleum & Explosives Acts and associated Environment legislation
  • To facilitate the interchange of information, ideas and practice on all matters pertaining to Petroleum & Explosives and associated Environment legislation
  • To attain, so far as is practicable, uniformity in the administration of this legislation
  • To establish the formation of branches in the United Kingdom and other Countries
  • To co-operate with other bodies having similar objectives to those of the Association, to act as an authoritive body for consulting with government, public bodies and other in matters of public, professional and scientific interest concerning petroleum, explosives and associated environmental law 

APEA Membership

All you need to know about membership of the Association and how to join - why not join today?

If you are:

  • involved in the Oil Industry
  • work for an oil company
  • work for a retailer operating petrol filling stations
  • a Petroleum Officer, or a Regulator concerned with the industry
  • a supplier of goods or services to the petroleum industry
  • a contractor to the industry

Then you should join the APEA - the Association for Petroleum and Explosives Administration. It represents extremely good value for money.

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