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AIP - Australian Institute of Petroleum


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Established in 1976, the Australian Institute of Petroleum has gained national and world-wide recognition as a key representative body of Australia's petroleum industry.

AIP's mission is to promote and assist in the development of a strong internationally competitive Australian petroleum products industry, operating efficiently, economically and safely, and in harmony with the environment and community standards.

Through the active involvement of its members, the Institute provides responsible and principled representation of the industry along with factual and informed discussion of downstream petroleum sector issues.

Key Objectives

Promote effective dialogue with government and other stakeholders, in conjunction with the activities of member companies, to ensure:

  • clear understanding of key issues that affect the industry in the formulation of government policies, regulations and public opinion
  • co-operative resolution of conflicts or differences facing the industry as a group
  • development of an economically robust and sustainable, internationally competitive industry.

Promote industry self-regulation, through which:

  • excellence is achieved in standards of industry safety and performance and product quality
  • due diligence and best practices are maintained at all times on industry safety, occupational health, and environment protection.

Key Strategies

Provide a key link between industry and government and, in particular, the Federal Government, to promote awareness and understanding of the petroleum products industry and encourage and influence supportive policies and programs.

Promote industry self regulation and facilitate efficient development and implementation by member companies of common policies and programmes that meet industry needs such as oil spill response preparedness (AMOSC), site remediation research (CRC CARE), plastic packaging recycling, and industry workforce health epidemiological analysis (Healthwatch).

Inform the community generally about the industry, its activities and policies, and its significance to the national economy.

Liaise with other industry associations in Australia and overseas, and collaborate on matters where beneficial in the common interests of member companies, borrowing best practice and established industry standards.