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UNITI - German association of small- and medium-sized mineral oil companies


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UNITI Bundesverband mittelständischer Mineralölunternehmen e.V., founded in 1927, is the German association of small- and medium-sized mineral oil companies. UNITI provides a wide range of expertise in the fields of fuels, lubricants and heating oil, and represents around 90% of SME mineral oil companies in Germany.

The majority of independent SME lubricant manufacturers and distributors in Germany are members of the association. Its market share is approximately 50%. With their highly innovative automotive and industrial lubricants as well as metal working fluids, UNITI members are indispensable partners to the manufacturing industry and ensure the highest technological standards. UNITI also represents the majority of manufacturers and distributors of additives for fuels, lubricants and heating oil.

4.5 million customers visit petrol stations run by UNITI member companies every day. Association members operate 120 petrol stations on federal highways and around 6,000 road petrol stations, which constitute over 40% of German road-based petrol stations. With approximately 3,700 independent petrol stations, UNITI members represent almost 75 percent of the independent service stations in Germany.

UNITI members supply about 20 million people with heating oil, one of the most important energy carriers in the heating market. Around 80% of the overall market in light heating oil and solid fuel is served by association members. Nowadays, renewable energy sources as well as gas and electricity belong to their range of products, too. The share of the liquefied petroleum gas market held by UNITI members is about 42%.

The approximately 1,300 member companies of UNITI achieve an annual total turnover of around 35 billion euros and employ about 80,000 people in Germany.


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