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Avenergy Suisse


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Avenergy Suisse (ex Swiss Petroleum Association) represents the interests of liquid fuel importers. The members of Avenergy Suisse ensure security of supply with the country's most important energy sources: liquid fuels.

Fuels are high-quality products. Avenergy Suisse ensures that this quality is guaranteed in every case. Because modern car engines and heating systems can only achieve their full performance with perfect energy. The high quality standards apply both to conventional petroleum products and to renewable energies, such as biofuels.

The members of Avenergy Suisse supply the energy for almost every single vehicle on our roads today. Few cars have no fuel tank and move exclusively on battery power. This will not change significantly in the near future.

The members of Avenergy Suisse handle the import of energy sources and organize their storage and distribution on the market. They operate compulsory stocks of fuels so that households and the economy never run out of energy, even in the event of a supply problem.

Dense filling station network

The members of Avenergy Suisse also maintain one of the densest filling station networks in Europe. This ensures a smooth energy supply for people on the move - anytime, anywhere.

The filling stations offer an all-round service for mobile people. Around a third of all filling stations also have a shop with a comprehensive range of everyday consumer goods.

Thermal energy

About 40% of the buildings in Switzerland are heated with oil. The members of Avenergy Suisse and Swissoil guarantee a reliable supply of thermal energy. Heating with oil is still the most proven and popular solution in many regions of Switzerland. Modern heating systems make it possible to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared with older models.