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Finnish Oil and Gas Federation


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Finnish Petroleum Petroleum and Biofuels Association is a collective industry association that represents the interests of its members. While fostering a favourable operating environment for profitable industry operations, the Association's mission is to actively promote responsible use of liquid fuels and to contribute to a sustainable energy future.

The Association members' share of the Finnish oil products market amounts to approximately 95 percent. As an independent, non-party organization, the Association does not involve itself in issues related to competition between its member companies or in labour market issues.

Industry representative

The Association speaks for its members and acts as an industry expert in energy, climate, environment, and traffic and transport policy issues. Moreover, the Association actively disseminates information and news. The focus of its international activities lies on the preparation of EU legislation.

In the service station sector, the Association is in charge of concerted industry-level development work relating to quality of contracting, to safety and environment and to the industry’s operational preconditions. In the heating sector, the Association puts into action projects aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in oil heating.


The Association collects and compiles statistics for the use of its members and Finnish and foreign authorities. Beside Statistics Finland, the statistical data is used by the National Emergency Supply Agency and by various state and municipal authorities.


The website of the Finnish Petroleum and Biofuels Association is in Finnish. Some parts of the site, e.g. the statistics, are also available in English in this condensed English-language section. In addition, the English-language includes some of our press releases and articles on topical themes, as well as advice for travellers coming to Finland on questions such as what kind of fuel is available here.