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STI/SPFA is a membership association comprised of manufacturers that fabricate steel construction products and preferred providers of services and products to member fabricators.

STI/SPFA was formed in February 2004, when the Steel Tank Institute (1916) and the Steel Plate Fabricators Association (1933) combined operations. STI/SPFA provides a wide range of services to the industry-leading suppliers and fabricators of steel tanks, pressure vessels, specialty products and piping for the petroleum, chemical, food and water storage industries.

Through co-operative actions within the special interest Sections, STI/SPFA Members promote the benefits of steel as the material of choice for all of these applications by:

  • Creating new technologies through research & development activities
  • Developing industry standards, recommended practices and procedures which improve product performance and longevity, and promote best practices in manufacturing, quality inspection, installation and testing
  • Promoting the strengths and benefits of steel, through educational outreach programs, certification programs for manufacturers as well as installers and testers, press releases and industry publications
  • Advocating with OSHA, the EPA, and code and regulatory authorities in each market, to ensure the continued ability of the manufacturers to fabricate steel products, and to protect the health and safety of employees and the environment
  • Providing educational opportunities, certification programs and professional recognition to companies achieving outstanding performance in the areas of safety, quality, sales and service to the industry