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IAC - Indian Auto LPG Coalition


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IAC, a member of “Central Motor Vehicle Rules - Technical Standing Committee” (CMVR-TSC) & “Standing Committee on Emission Legislation” (SCOE), TED26 ( Bureau of Indian Standards), Government of India, is the nodal body for the Auto LPG Industry in India with practically all major stakeholders on board.

IAC membership base is expanding rapidly and to include all the Oil Sector PSUs, Private LPG Marketers, Kit Suppliers, Equipment Manufacturers and Turnkey Installers as members, in addition to a very proactive support of World LPG Gas Association, USAID, ARAI and SIAM etc.

In the past, we have organized numerous workshops for various stakeholder groups and state RTOs. We have also participated at various international forums of the World LPG association and have been instrumental in initiating very meaningful interactions with the leading OEs.

Alternative fuels worldwide suffer with a range of issues which include too stringent regulations and yet poor consumer safety practices resulting in fatal accidents, lack of interaction amongst various stakeholders resulting in unnecessary hindrances for the development of the fuel and many other impediments which are totally avoidable.

The development of alternative fuels in India, like another country, is facing exactly the same set of problems which most have already experienced. Traditionally the easiest way out has always been to simply have a replica of the technologies, standards and codes and consumer safety practices which others have adopted.

However, this methodology always results in the alternative fuel meeting a dead end in that nation, unless the program is carefully orchestrated, modified as per local requirements, climates and temperatures, consumer literacy levels, vehicle maintenance practices and so many other factors.

For eg, what works in Europe, might not work in India noting the tremendous climatic differences, variations in fuel purity and composition and extremely strict maintenance schedules and practices which could be in total contrast to India. In fact, ever since LPG was allowed as an auto-Fuel in India, same set of teething problems as experienced by many other nations coupled with an estimated 2.1 million illegal kits has resulted in a dire need of India addressing this problem on an immediate basis. Safety practices, regulations, environmental concerns, emission norms, nurturing the growth of the fuel on a sustainable long term basis are the issues which are broadly addressed by IAC.In fact, the majority of consumers buy designer brands such as, more out of habit than as a conscious choice that represents their best buying tool.

The reality is that several people know exactly what they are looking for when it comes to custom made colors and the conventional aspect of trying has become outdated.