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SSDA-AT (Services Station Dealers of America and Allied Trades) constantly lobbies and testifies in Washington on behalf of our members by taking your message directly to the politicians who will be voting on any proposed legislation that could affect your businesses. SSDA-AT represents service station dealers, repair facilities, car washes, and convenience stores. SSDA-AT remains impactful through its newsletter, coalition partnerships, and visibility on Capitol Hill.

The association works to protect the best interests of service station dealers and independent repair facility owners against legislative and regulatory issues that could threaten the industry's growth and well-being. SSDA-AT takes leadership positions on legislative matters that could impact our member's bottom line including taxes, general business and employment issues, right to repair laws, health care reform, Stage II, and other federal issues.

SSDA-AT publishes a monthly newsletter and a weekly legislative update. To receive either publication contact us.