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CPCIA - China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation


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China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (changed to the present name from China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association on May 10, 2010) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization consisting of companies, institutes, sectional associations and local associations in the petroleum and chemical industry on the voluntary basis. It is the umbrella organization that provides service and implements certain administrative functions within this industry on the national level.

With economic achievements as its top priority and industrial structure adjustment as its main purpose, CPCIA assists the government in advancing industrial operations, promoting technical advancement and perfecting the Chinese petroleum and chemical industry as a whole. In addition, CPCIA also allies forces of domestic industries and develop international cooperation.

CPCIF was established on April. 28, 2001. Currently it has over 300 direct members including 44 sectional associations and over 20 regional associations, most large-scale enterprises, research institutions and universities, which covers 70% operation of China's petroleum and chemical industry and represents all fields of this industry. CPCIF also maintains close working relations with relevant regional authorities in China.


Magdi Ibrahim Green Minds for recycling Plastics

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