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CPV - Venezuelan Petroleum Chamber


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Cámara Petrolera de Venezuela (Venezuelan Petroleum Chamber) aspires to be the Venezuelan and International organization of reference for the sector of hydrocarbons; independent, sustainable and socially responsible.

Cámara Petrolera de Venezuela, initially called the Chamber of Suppliers of Petroleum Goods and Services was founded on May 24, 1978. The Chamber was born fully identified with the rise of the Venezuelan nation through a shared commitment.

The objectives of the Cámara Petrolera de Venezuela concentrate in the study, promotion, defense and protection of the private activities related to the field of hydrocarbons in all aspects from the exploration to the commercialization, which are reflected in:

  • the increase of the participation of the national private oil sector within the framework of the plan of businesses of the oil industry
  • the gradual increase of the competitiveness of the sector
  • the expansion of the operational range of the sector towards the medullary and non-medullary areas of the petrol activity.