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KPA - Korea Petroleum Association

South Korea

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KPA aims to attain a sound and systematic development of the petroleum industry through promotion of mutual
understanding and maintenace of friendly relations among member firms. It also intends to contribute to the formulation of petroleum policy by the government so as to secure a stable supply of petroleum, the most important energy source in Korea.

The korea petroleum Association was inaugurated on September 29, 1980 in recognition by both the government and business circles of the need for creating a centripetal entity for the oil refining industry industry in order to tide over the turmoil caused by the second oil crisis.

The association has now four regular member firms (the SK Corporation, the GS-Caltex Oil Corporation, the S-OIL Corporation, and the Hyundai Oilbank Corporation), along with one special member firm (the Korea National Oil Corporation) and other associate member firms, which are all participating in oil exploration and develpment projects abroad.