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Powerswap AB

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Powerswap AB is a young innovative company with origin as a spin-off from Fuelmatics, the pioneer with fully automatic refueling for liquid fuels. Powerswap was established with the aim to revolutionize the charging of electric vehicles with automation that can swap a battery in less than three minutes, faster than refueling an ordinary car. By eliminating the remaining problems with long charging times, Powerswap will boost the large scale market expansion of electric vehicles.

The Powerswap concept comes with many benefits. By swapping the empty battery of an electric vehicle instead of charging, the vehicle is not blocked from usage during charging. Furthermore, the battery can be swapped in drive-thru fashion which reduces time for “charging” from hours to minutes. The electric vehicle becomes cheaper as it can be sold without the battery. An infrastructure can even be established faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to installing a huge number of charging posts.

“Who will buy an electric vehicle which requires time to charge if you can buy one that does not?”

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