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The HORNGROUP is built up of the three brands HORN TECALEMIT (D), TECALEMIT (USA) and PCL (UK). While HORN TECALEMIT and TECALEMIT continue to offer products for the regulation, measurement and control of fluids, PCL complements the product range through tire inflation equipment and compressed air products, including pneumatic tools and couplings. This diversity of brands and products represents an unbeatable offer, especially in the area of workshop technology.

The HORNGROUP is making huge developments internationally via PCL’s existing manufacturing facilities in Mumbai and Shanghai. In future, HORN TECALEMIT’s products will also be offered in India and China. In addition, PCL’s products will be exclusively available in Germany and the USA through HORN TECALEMIT and TECALEMIT respectively.

HORNGROUP products and services are now available worldwide through ever expanding markets; offering a unique range of products which come together with a competitive price where customers can profit from a wider product range unifying fluid and air.