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RM Istanbul

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As RM Istanbul, we acknowledge the fact that technology determines the standards of living.

The success we have achieved with this point of view within a very short period of time is what shapes our history. At the foundation of all the projects we have successfully completed, lies the innovative attitude we all embrace and our ideals to shape the future.

All the projects we have professionally performed and finalized are the most important driving force behind our confident progress onwards since our founding year, 2011.

Our expert staff with their unique approach to design, with the help of our corporate culture which gives them the energy they need, have managed to remove all the obstacles in front of our business partners on their way to create their corporate identity, and demonstrated the qualities that make them different.

Our motto “no errors”, fuels our belief and aim to continue creating successful projects with all the local and international organizations with which we collaborate and enables us to take bigger steps forward. In its continuous growth, RM Istanbul will continue to be the most reliable business partner for brands that operate in the fuel-oil, finance and retail sectors.

Sustainability is one of the most important concepts that we as a brand continue to focus on with a positive perception.

With RM Istanbul, “The Face You Present, Is Your Greatest Strength”.

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