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Sistem Reklamcilik

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Sistem Reklamcılık A.Ş that is Leading company of Sistem Group Sistem has been developing turn-key solutions that offer design, R&D, production, assembly and service processes to its customers in all kinds of internal and external corporate identity applications.

Light metal / heavy metal / plastic shaping workshops, wood sizing and processing workshops, wet-powder paint plants, electric-led production where many materials such as metal, plastic, wood etc. are processed with the most advanced technology and techniques in the production facilities located in Beylikdüzü / Istanbul. Sistem Reklamcılık A.Ş.aims to be a solution partner like Offering project management, consultancy and controlling services besides production for its customers.

Sistem Reklamcılık A.Ş.has made a difference in the sector with its multi-disciplinary technical team consisting of architects, engineers, industrial designers, graphic designers and technical painters. . Experienced management staff who have given their years to this sector, design team who have gained different perspectives and experiences in many different projects, and a strong technical team who closely follow the latest developments in the world in terms of materials and details make a coordinated team work and focus on each project with the same sensitivity. The importance given to team coordination and team work, each of which consists of experts in the field, brings success and customer satisfaction.

The importance given to team coordination and team work, each of which consists of experts in the field, brings success and customer satisfaction. The first task is in the design team who listens to the customer and tries to reflect it in the most accurate way. The designs of the design team, which challenge the imagination, are turned into a production project through the Engineering team. The Process and Product Development team that comes into play checks the functionality, statics, ergonomics and aesthetics of the design by prototyping. At all stages of the process, the dialogue with the customer continues through the relevant project coordinator on the sale. The main goal of coordinated teamwork is to ensure customer satisfaction. The works whose project and prototype have been completed are transferred to production by the Project Coordinator in the sales team. After the material requirement planning, production, shipment and assembly planning of the work, production starts. In production, raw materials that are approved to be of the desired quality are used by making entry control. The works completed and coordinated by the Manufacturing Tracking Engineers in each department are delivered to the shipment and assembly department. It provides assembly services both at home and abroad through the assembly teams that are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and allocated vehicles suitable for assembly.