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Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH

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We improve and innovate the customer journey in fuel retail with cloud solutions. Our extensive experience and technical competence is represented throughout our product brand, SIQMA. With SIQMA, our goal is to make your fuel retail business even more successful through centrally managed cloud-based technologies and pioneering services. With SIQMA you receive innovative system solutions that are the perfect-fit for the central tasks of service station management: Sell – offers solutions for successful selling indoor and outdoor at manned and unmanned sites, Manage – includes the planning, management and controlling solutions of SIQMA, giving you targeted control anytime and anywhere, Connect – links and integrates all SIQMA products into a powerful entity in an easy way. Also the integration of third party solutions becomes possible. Care rounds our offer off. We combine all services and training offers for our SIQMA solutions to ensure the smooth running of your service stations for your lasting benefit.

Behind SIQMA, Scheidt & Bachmann stands with its four market-leading business divisions, entirely focused on mobility operations. Solutions for service stations, parking, fare collection management and train signalling, form the core of our expertise. It is part of the Scheidt & Bachmann culture to put existing solutions repeatedly to the test, continually develop them, whilst also raising them to a new level. Our innovations often set the standards that develop to become the industry-wide norm. And in the future, we’ll keep on taking the next step forward for you. Join us making the next step. Fuel your future.

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