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Compulsorily certified product "Mobile fuel station AVK" will be operated as a public (retail) fuel station (hereinafter referred to as "petrol station" or "AVK").

AVK contains modified locally three-shell tank with an operational volume of liquid to 50 m3 in one machine. Operational tank can be divided, which enables to keep operational reserve and dispense up to 4 types of fuel or other liquids.

Dispensing of fuel will be carried out with the integrated dispenser and fuel sales will be conducted without the presence of the operator, in unmanned mode.

For the payment for the issued fuel are only used cashless payments, under permanent remote video monitoring. It is also possible to connect to a cash desk system with cash handlers or cash acceptors.

The control system of the station is based on an industrial PC and SW programmed on the LINUX platform. This both, the service of fuel dispensing and security functions are under control, making the system as a whole simple and increasing overall AVK reliability.

As part of the AVK, if it is not placed on a secured surface, there is also a steel driveway that performs a function of handling platform with a catch pit with a minimum volume of 0,400 m3 of fuel. In this platform the system for trapping fuel leakage during refueling is incorporated. When refilling the operational fuel tank of AVK, the road tanker must be standing on the handling platform.