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ARTELIA is a leading expert in multi-site engineering, programme management, project management, construction management and facility management.

ARTELIA has assisted many of the world’s leading petroleum retailers to develop, renovate and re-image their international retail networks and pride ourselves with:

  • 25 years of experience in managing international multi-site projects
  • HSE management leadership
  • 300 qualified specialists in retail oil & gas
  • Management of several hundred million USD of annual CAPEX
  • Being the biggest equipment buyer in Europe
  • Innovative modular and prefab concepts (Modulo)

ARTELIA has established a Centre of Excellence in fuel retail, under the name INNOFUEL. INNOFUEL is an international network of specialists who work together to create value for our clients. We have a record of continous saving for our clients generated through optimized procurement, reduction of project cycle-time and reduced costs through innovation in design and construction techniques.

Our approach is based on a fully-integrated system of specialised tools and methods which are certified ISO 9001:2000. Our company-wide commitment to Health, Safety and Environmental leadership has earned the respect of the world’s most demanding clients in the petrochemical industry.

ARTELIA’s headquarters are located in Paris, with permanent affiliates throughout Europe, the Middle East,  Africa, Vietnam and Latin America.

For more information please contact Mr. Ray Spano at +33 1 55 84 10 82