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Alvern Media GmbH

Last update:

Since 1997 Alvern Media GmbH is known as a provider for innovative advertising formats on petrol stations. We are also a longstanding partner for petrol stations and oil companies. Our company, with headquarter in Hamburg, launched FillBoard™ (advertising on pump nozzles) as an outdoor-medium in more than 46 countries all over the world. Furthermore, we established DoorMedia™ (door foils) in the german market, inflatables on the roof of stations, in- and outdoor floor graphics, advertising on automata as well as posters at the station site and promotions.

We do not only supply a huge range of modern advertising spaces for oil companies and petrol station operators, we also offer versatile services, such as:

  • Entire marketing of advertising spaces. Our sales department is in contact with all relevant advertisers and media agencies. In the past we realized campaigns for different industries like automobile, retail, FMCG, TV and broadcasting, banking sector and insurances.
  • Using the advertising spaces for your own business. Alvern supports their partners in design and realisation of your own campaigns at petrol stations. For example special offers, re-opening’s, season campaigns, promotions etc.
  • Full service inclusive. Setup and removal of the advertising spaces considering all safety rules is runned trough us. Our trained teams arrange a complete removal of all advertising media as well as the sustainable disposal of all materials.
  • Clarification with the public authorities and the organization of the essential certifications

We hope we sparked your interest. Take the advantages of FillBoard™:

Enhance your forecourt with modern advertising media and attractive brands! And therefore increase your shop sale with your own promotions or get rental returns for us selling your advertising spaces to third parties.

In the German-speaking market Alvern Media hosts more than 240.000 advertising spaces; International more than 650.000.

Petrol station advertising is one of the most important contact points to your customers. Take the possibility and contact us! We are pleased to help – even for individual requirements.

"… we are happy with the Alvern system. We are using FillBoard™ consequently in our six month to communicate with our car driving customers!"

Matthias Kesseler, communication and advertising Agip Germany, 2005

"…nowhere else is a more direct contact between our customer and our oil company! That is why we use the FillBoard™ system quite heavily for ourselves."

Christian Warning, communication and advertising Shell Germany, 2001

"The dual messaging on the petrol pump nozzle, combined with the door graphic, worked together to create a forecourt journey. This meant that we were able to communicate with our consumers at two key touch-points. This was valuable in raising brand awareness amongst a relevant audience. In addition, the campaign achieved an impressive 2.8 million impacts. As 75% of motorists will purchase their mints at a forecourt convenience outlet, this was an ideal environment within which to communicate the Trebor brand."

Rebecca Clay, media planer of PHD in London, responsible for the campaign of softmint of Cadbury Trebor 2011

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