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For over 25 years KPS, part of OPW a Dover company, has been leading the development of plastic petrol pipes in the forecourts around the world with safe, reliable and installation friendly products. Today the KPS Petrol Pipe System™ is sold and installed in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, China, South America and Africa.

KPS double wall piping is the most popular choice among installers and piping designers thanks to smart and compact solutions that make piping design and installation easier than ever!

KPS is a market-leading supplier of petrol piping and a supplier to all major oil companies. For more than 50 years we have been pioneering plastic technologies, developing the most extensive know-how in the market.

Conductive pipes offer an extra level of safety by eliminating static electricity, and KPS’s unique liner bonding technology guarantees the lowest permeation values in the industry.

OPW has a network of offices around the world which allows them to offer local expertise to client's needs globally.

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