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Fuelmatics AB

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Fuelmatics AB is the pioneer and world leader in fully automatic refueling systems and is now at the frontline with the 5th generation of technology. The Fuelmatics team has developed a Drive-Thru concept which enables the driver to remain inside while a robot refuels the car. Simply park next to the machine, open the Fuelmatics app and watch as the car is being refueled. The payment is handled in the app and a receipt is sent by email.

The Fuelmatics system is faster, cleaner and more eco-friendly than any existing system on the market. Fuelmatics offers new unique business opportunities on a market with few parameters for winning shares. The general concept is to provide increased service through automation, increasing sales and market shares. Drive-Thru refueling means a new marketing tool for the retailers offering the best in efficiency and attraction for the motorists.

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