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Security & Electronic Technologies GmbH

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Secu-Tech is a global supplier of systems and solutions for safe and efficient fuel distribution for Mineraloil-, Petrochemical- and Chemical Industry as well as LPG, Ship-Loading, Ship Bunkering and Airport Applications.

Our product range covers intrinsically safe and fail-safe comprehensive, innovative and automated solutions for depots / tanker-trucks / petrol-stations for

  • Cross Over Prevention (EX)
  • Overfill Prevention (EX)
  • Theft Control (EX and non-EX)
  • Sealed-Parcel-Delivery (EX)
  • Dead Man Systems (EX and non-EX)
  • Wireless data transfer in EX-areas
  • Level Gauging (EX and non-EX)

SECU MultiTank offers high-tech solutions for multiple tank-refuelling according to existing european and international standards and covering Cross-Over-Prevention, Overfill-Prevention and Theft Control as well as Sealed-Parcel-Delivery in one system integrated. SECU MultiTank = enormous productivity increase and cost saving as well as safety on loading an unloading.

LRC-systems, Level Remote Control, the radio-controlled fill- and overfill-prevention systems used for single-tank refuellings, such as LPG, AdBlue, Heating-Oil, Diesel, Chemicals, Ship Bunkering, etc., providing 100% overfill-prevention with additional remote control functions as well as used as an EX-Deadman solution in a lot of LPG and petrochemical and chemical applications.

ADN Solutions – offering wireless overfill prevention on loading- and unloading tanker-ships.

SECU-DATA systems offers high-accurate wireless data-transfer in EX-areas whereas

SECU-DATA Level offers high-accurate level gauging combined with wireless data transfer to a data-management-program or into a PLC system.

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