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ASIS Automation and Fueling Systems Inc.

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ASIS is specialized and focused on Oil & Gas sector, developing and manufacturing systems with state of art technology including Self Service Station Automation, Site Automation, Attendent and Customer identification System, Totally wireless Vehicle Identification System with km tracking active vehicle tags. Tank Automation system with Magnetostrictive Level Gauging Probe, and Asis projects, develops, and applies tailored automation systems.

ASIS covers all the automations needs of the Oil Companies, Fleet owners in one hand with its in-house developed Software and Hardware by its own R&D Engineers

The latest product within the ASIS' product range is the 3D CalibeX Tank Calibration System. With its vision to become an innovative company, ASIS started research & studies to create a more effective calibration technology and subsequently developed the 3D CalibeX Tank Calibration Technology.

Since 2011 over 12.000 underground tanks in Turkey have been calibrated by CalibeX 3D. With its 14 years of knowledge and experience it its sector, ASIS has attached great importance to R&D operations since its inception.

3D CalibeX is capable of completing calibration of underground fuel tanks within an average time of 30 minutes calculating the volume of underground fuel tanks with extreme accuracy. ASIS indicates that CalibeX is reliable, with all risk factors under control (ATEX), meeting all Environmental, Safety and Health standards (EHS). It is also protected under PCT patent.

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