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Labkotec Oy

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Labkotec Oy is a leading measurement equipment manufacturer and related services provider for various industrial applications. The Labkotec’s product range covers solutions for petrol stations, oil terminals, environmental protection, hazardous waste treatment and wet stock control. The mission is to provide measurement solutions which enhance customers’ business and help them to protect the environment and people.

Labkotec product range consists of:

  • Tank level gauges for petrol, diesel and LPG, tanks up to 15 meters
  • Local monitoring systems
  • Cloud based measurement data monitoring system LabkoNet®, which allows customers to remotely monitor measurement and alarm information on sites
  • Alarm devices for oil separators and grease separators
  • Leak detectors
  • Water bottom sensors

Labkotec is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certified, while environmental systems are certified by Lloyd’s Reqister Quality Assurance.

Labkotec is a member of the Indutrade Group.