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Since 1961, MEKSER A.S. has been proud of being the first domestic manufacturer in the petroleum equipment sector. The company played a leadership role in industry as Turkey's first mechanical computing fuel dispenser was it produced in 1976 and again first electronic computing domestic fuel dis­penser was produced in 1986. Products are manufactured according to European Union (EU} quality and standards and carry related certifications.

A significant move has been achieved as the ASIS AUTOMA­TION group, the leader of the sector providing automation systems, acquired 100% of MEKSER A.S.

The manufacturing plant in Istanbul operates with ISO 9001 quality standards and up to date technological improve­ments continue as a result of successful cooperation of MEKSER and ASIS R&D departments.

Our brands:

  • Mekser
  • Petposan

Our products and services:

  • Production of electronic fuel pumps and dispensers,
  • Production of LPG dispenser,
  • lndustrial commercial fuel dispensers for marinas, mines, truck garages, factories and construction work sites,
  • PetBlue pumps and dispensers (Sulfur Urea Solvent Pump),
  • Electronic air-water units,
  • Station engineering services,
  • UPP lnfrastructure pipe sales and field applications,
  • FePetro submersible pump sales and support services.

A nationwide After Sales Services are organized in 40 provin­cial centers with about 130 technical personnel mobilized by 86 vehicles.

We believe in "investment in human" and are proud of building the future with the values we contribute.

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