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Known for innovative technology and deep commitment to customers, LS Retail is a world-leading provider of business management software solutions for retail, hospitality and forecourt businesses.

Our all-in-one management systems power businesses across 120 countries, from small retailers to several of the best known global brands. Our impact is multiplied by a large global network of partners, built over the years through the delivery of quality products and services. Our solutions are supported by over 240 certified Microsoft and LS Retail partners across 75 countries.

We are constantly investing in innovative technology, and are proud to be part of the team behind the first cloud-controlled service station in the world.

LS Forecourt

LS Forecourt’s range of solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and profitability. These include:

Pump management – Robust and reliable technology to automate and control pumps and dispensers from POS.

Intuitive interface – All staff uses the same graphic interface across the whole organization, speeding up training and customer service.

Supply chain – Centralized control and full visibility of the whole chain from import, to delivery by fleet, to sale.

Pricing – Flexible price management from headquarters, to ensure competitiveness.

Replenishment – Automatic replenishment of wet stock based on sales history or stock levels, and item replenishment for the retail and hospitality operations.

Financials – Tight control of financials, centralized invoicing and accounting.

Staff management — Powerful tools to centrally manage rostering, hour registration, and role budget adjustments.

Wet stock management – Total control of wet stock monitoring, loss prevention and leakage detection, consolidation and reconciliation.

Loyalty – Customer rewards across the channels with in-store, online and mobile loyalty schemes and offers.

Management tools – Business Intelligence with a suite of daily, operational and management reports.

Retail solutions – A large range of POS, Back Office and Front Office tools to manage c-stores.

Hospitality solutions – A wide selection of POS, Back Office and Front Office solutions to manage the restaurants and cafés.

As an end-to-end, fully integrated management software, LS Forecourt helps businesses:

  • Cut IT costs and reduce mistakes
  • Prevent losses
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Gain control over the whole operation
  • Take strategic and timely business decisions
  • Build loyalty

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