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Tanknology Inc.

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With more than two million precision tests completed and nearly 30 years of experience, Tanknology is the international leader in forecourt testing and inspection services for underground storage tank (UST) systems.  Domestically, Tanknology provides testing and inspection services at more than 50,000 sites per year.

Additionally, the company has 23 international licensee partners operating Tanknology’s proprietary technologies in more than 25 countries serving companies such as Shell, Total, Exxon (Esso), Chevron-Texaco, BP, and more. Numerous Major Oil Companies (MOCs) around the globe recognize our Technologies as “The Standard” and rank Tanknology as the #1 Company for UST systems testing & inspections. The company holds 22 patents on forecourt testing equipment and has obtained all requisite US and numerous international certifications.

Our leadership and success continue to grow as new Licensee Partnerships are formed across the globe. Tanknology is actively expanding its international presence by fostering new partnerships and by introducing new services and technologies. No one offers more industry-leading Forecourt Testing solutions that you can put to work in your country than Tanknology.

Licensing with Tanknology provides benefits that go far beyond a typical manufacturer-buyer relationship. Licensees are granted access to the renowned Tanknology brand, an exclusive license for a specific territory, and the unique right to buy/ lease our state of the art testing and inspection solutions.

Licensees receive weeks of extensive technical training and certifications to perform the company’s proprietary forecourt testing services that include VacuTect® and SureTest® tank and line testing, TankCamTM and Petroscope® tank inspection cameras, TankCleanTM remote video UST cleaning system, Stage I & II Vapor Recovery testing, and more.

Please contact us about licensing opportunities in your country.


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