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HVM High Vacuum Maintenance

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HVM is an Italian company, thanks to its 25 year’s experience in cryogenics tanks manufacturing and services, has designed and developed a new product line of cryogenic tank called BLUE ROAD intended for use as an alternative LNG fuel tank certified according to ECE R110 Regalement.

The equipment produced is the result of many years of research, testing and field trials, now we are confident to have developed a strong and reliable innovative product able to meet all possible customer requirements. All products are proudly made in Italy. BLUE ROAD tanks are running every day on the road.

Main characteristics:

  • Horizontal fuel tank for use with liquid natural gas (LNG)
  • Maximum performance in terms of reliability, strength and durability of the tank
  • Preset for left or right filling connections
  • On board Pressure Gauge indicator
  • Super insulation system with high vacuum and multilayer wrapping for low evaporation rate
  • Electronic level indicator
  • Automatic Solenoid Fuel Shut-Off valve
  • Automatic Fuel Excess Flow valve
  • Filling connections protection cap with switch for engine stop if opened
  • Protection cap closed with key
  • N° 2 security valve protecting filling and venting line
  • Manufactured in accordance with ADR 2015, T- PED Directive (2010/35/EU) and ECE ONU R110 Regulation


Our LNG cryogenic vessels can have different capacities, diameter up to 770 mm, and can be customized according to specific customer requirements.

ECE ONU R110 Regulation permit to qualify minor design changes through a reduced test programme.

ECE R 110 passed test

In order to comply with ECE R110 regulations all products have to comply with the following tests:


Performed to demonstrate that measured hydrostatic pressure at 120 or more hours is less than nominal primary relief valve pressure setting of the tank.


- 9 m drop test of the fuel tank on the most critical area of the tank
- 3 m drop test on the piping end.


Designed to demonstrate the fire protection system efficiency, tank must resist at temperature at least 590 °C without burst and not exceeding maximum inner design pressure.


Inner vessel is examined under the test pressure conditions Ptest = 1.3 (WP + 0.1) [MPa], maintained for at least 30 seconds without evidence of leakage, visible distortion or other defect.

CRIOLNG16 Tank - Registration number E4-110R-010419L

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