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Argentina: CBX redevelops AXION´s c-store concept

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 21-09-2015

AXION energy Argentina is rolling out a new design created by CBX for their Spot! Café c-store chain.

The new design marks a departure from the usual c-store development process, with New York-based brand agency CBX setting the major focus of the shop on the café experience, whilr the convenience retail component becomes secondary.

“During our research, we discovered that one aspect of the European influence in Argentina is the common practice of socializing over a cup of coffee or espresso a number of times a day,” explained Joseph Bona, CBX president of branded environments.

As a result, AXION´s c-stores will become modern coffee shops that also offer an assortment of convenience products.

AXION energy is a subsidiary of Bridas Corp., which in 2012 acquired the assets of Esso Petrolera Argentina, the fuel distribution and retail subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corp. Today AXION operates 700 fuel centers in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. 

“We had to have a specific solution for the modern convenience store shopper, and we wanted to build the best breakfast experience in town,” says Claudio Freue, Marketing Director, AXION energy. “The selection of products was chosen carefully, placing special emphasis on providing our shoppers with healthy options.”

According to the company, sales at the flagship store were up 12% in the first nine months of operation (since October 2014), while gross profit grew a significant 23%.

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