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Poland: PETROL STATION International Fair to focus on non-fuel services

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Industry news
Posted / Last update: 19-04-2017

Entrepreneurs and specialists from the fuel sector will gather on May 17-19 in Warsaw (Poland) to develop business ideas and network.

Organized by the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels, the PETROL STATION International Fair behind will take place at the EXPO XXI in Warsaw. The trade fair already has a long history with this year marking its fourteenth edition.

The PETROL STATION exhibition focuses on a broad range of topics embracing petroleum sector, fuel retailing and wholesale, logistics of liquid fuels, car wash sector and c-stores. The show will represent the changes in the Polish economy as well as the evolution of consumer demands.

“Nowadays, petrol stations differ a lot from those of the 90’s. Today it is not only a place for refueling a car, but multi-service center often not strictly connected to the automotive industry,” said Mrs Halina Pupacz, the President of the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels.

‘More than refueling’ is the official tagline of the event as organizers look to focus on the expanding services that modern gas stations can offer, according to the Chamber of Liquid Fuels.

The Polish fuel retailing sector consists of almost 7,000 petrol stations with liquid fuel sales are on the rise. In 2016, almost 30 million cubic meters of liquid fuels were sold – around 12% more than in the previous year.


  • #1 | 27-04-2017 | Boris Chernia

    as a designer I would like to be update in the petrol stations market

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