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Custom 10m KPS Piping Reduces Cost and Build Time for New Build Wholesaler’s Petrol Stations

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Case studies
Posted / Last update: 21-03-2017

Publisher: KPS
Issued: 07-03-2017
Issued language: English

North England site under construction

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Project Overview

A leading membership-only wholesaler approached OPW to provide an easy to install, reliable, fuel piping solution specifically adapted to their station configuration. Safety during and after installation were of utmost importance.


With a distance of 10m between pump islands, if the installer had used traditional 5.8m piping, a welding socket in the middle would have been required, adding cost and time to the install. Where junctions were required, speed and safety were of paramount priority.

In case of collision with or fire at one of the dispensers once the station was completed, a solution to cut off fuel flow was required.


At the installer’s request, OPW manufactured and supplied 10m lengths of 75/63mm KPS piping to run between the dispensers instead of the standard 5.8m lengths, allowing a faster more efficient installation (KPS pipe is also available in coils).

Where connections are required, compact KPS fittings weld both walls of a double wall pipe simultaneously, again reducing installation time. Conductive double wall piping ensures safety in the eventuality of sparks or leaks.

OPW 10 series emergency shut-off valves were installed on fuel supply lines beneath dispensers at grade level to minimize hazards associated with collision or fire at the dispenser. If the dispenser is pulled over or dislodged by collision, the top of the valve breaks off at the integral shear groove, activating poppets and shutting off the flow of fuel.


OPW enabled a faster more efficient pipe installation, reducing the number of welds required, and simplifying those that were.

Custom KPS piping can be produced in a comprehensive variety of lengths to suit the configuration and specification of the site.

The wholesaler is now rolling out KPS piping and OPW shear valves as standard across all their sites. By working directly with the installer and client, OPW has considered future requirements and holds stock locally to enable quick delivery whenever required.

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