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English Español Webinar: The Role of Data in Fuel Pricing

How can retailers use data to increase their profitability? What tools can they use to set fuel prices? EdgePetrol and PetrolPlaza partnered for the first ever PetrolPlaza webinar. Together with Mark Truman and Nikhil Patel we went through the different tools that have been used to calculate and set fuel prices, the wide rage of possibilities that data gives you to improve services and much more.

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EdgePetrol and PetrolPlaza partnered up to discuss the use of big data and centralizing tools to improve profitability at petrol stations. Price is one of the key elements to drive customers to sites. In the modern age, the game is no longer about cents but about a tenth of a cent.

We looked at the relevant data that site operators should look at for correct fuel pricing and the tools to make pricing as seamless and efficient as possible. Weighted and blended fuel in tanks before making a pricing decision could provide extra earning for a number of retailers at the end of the month. 

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