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English Español Mercedes-Benz presents inspiring film at International Women's Day

The film "Bertha Benz: the journey that changed everything" recreates the historic long-distance journey with the first car, featuring what could be considered as the world’s first gas station.

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The Mercedes star is now shone on the woman without whom the company would perhaps never have existed in this form: Bertha Benz. To mark her 170th birthday on 3 May, Mercedes-Benz relates Bertha's historic long-distance journey. The film is dedicated as an inspiration to all women and men on International Women's Day on March 8.

"It was important to my team to depict Bertha Benz as a strong woman and timeless role model" explained Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. "Bertha was a pioneer and our first test driver.” 

The decision by Bertha Benz to draw public attention to the invention of her husband Carl by undertaking the first long-distance car journey to Pforzheim covering nearly 100 kilometres now lies more than 130 years in the past.

This story is emotively recounted by Mercedes-Benz in a four-minute film in which the legendary first filling station in the world also plays a part.