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QUICK&BRIGHT shop product range by Christ CAR CARE, Otto Christ

The ideal additional business in the shop and wash centre.

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The QUICK&BRIGHT shop product range from Christ CAR CARE has been designed for customers who want to take care of their vehicles inside and outside by hand using high-quality materials.

The range has now been extended with practical 200 ml spray bottles.

These fit perfectly in the glove compartment or in the side compartments of the vehicle doors.This means that this care product and the matching microfibre cloth is always ready to hand for the customer.

The 200 ml bottles can be sold actively by the car wash operator to the car wash customers, or it also can be used as a high-quality give-away e.g. when buying a premium wash or buying or recharging a customer card.

In addition SPEED SHIELD was added to the product range as a new premium product.

SPEED SHIELD is a high-quality silicon-based polymer seal for a superb gloss and effective beading. It is durable with just one application and protects the painted surfaces from damaging environmental influences. The product can be applied to the vehicle paint, emblems, chrome and unpainted plastic parts. Application: spray 2-3 spray bursts of SPEED SHIELD onto a clean microfibre cloth and apply evenly to the vehicle until the surface is free of streaks and highly polished.

Beside the new product SPEED SHIELD these products are available as 200 ml spray bottle:


For gently cleaning of surfaces in the passenger interior (e.g. leather, vinyl, plastic).

  • Rim detergent gel, WHEEL CLEANER

Powerful product for quick and effective rim cleaning and rust film removal.


Alkaline special cleaner for effective removal of insects, chitin and pollen.


This car windscreen cleaner removes diverse soilings, such as grease, silicone, wax residues.

  • After treatment cleaner FINISH SPRAY

Silicone-free finishing cleaner for light soiling such as dust, fingerprints and water stains.


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