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English Español USA: Fleets operating in Los Angeles to be powered by RNG

Companies operating in ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach begin to take delivery of new generation of natural gas heavy-duty trucks.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Pablo Plaza

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. announced it has inked contracts to provide its Redeem renewable natural gas (RNG) to power fleets across multiple sectors that include transit, trucking, airports, solid waste and service vehicles.

Redeem became commercially available in 2013 and is derived from capturing biogenic methane that is naturally created by the decomposition of dairy, landfill, and wastewater treatment plant waste. According to Clean Energy Fuel, Redeems enables at least 70 percent reduction in carbon emissions when displacing diesel or gasoline.

The Big Blue Bus in Santa Monica has extended its contract with Clean Energy with an anticipated 2.3 million gallons of Redeem per year to fuel its 200 municipal buses. “Their natural gas buses are providing healthier air for people in and around Santa Monica and the use of Redeem is significantly reducing greenhouse gas and long-term climate change issues,” said Clean Energy Vicepresident, Chad Lindholm. Clean Energy also supplies Redeem for other Santa Monica CNG fleet vehicles including maintenance trucks, refuse trucks and shuttle buses.

Fleets in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, the largest port complex in America, are taking delivery of 102 new near-zero trucks fueled by Redeem. “Fortunately for those who live in the area of the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, more near-zero trucks are operating on RNG which will help combat air pollution in Southern California,” said Lindholm.

Among the fleets taking delivery is Green Fleet Systems, which has committed to 20 near-zero trucks and RNG fuel. Also TTSI is starting to take delivery of 40 near-zero trucks under Clean Energy’s Zero Now Program.

ABM Aviation’s fleet of vehicles at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) recently contracted with Clean Energy to provide an expected 180,000 gallons of Redeem for 10 new passenger buses.

Other companies that have or will be taking delivery of near-zero trucks include Tradelink Transport, Green Trucking, Overseas Freight, West Coast Trucking, Supra National Express, and MDB Transportation, a division of AJR Trucking.

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